Portfolio: The Velveteens (Full Production)

I first became aware of The Velveteens years ago, within a few months of me getting to Leeds I was dragged along to see them with the promise of 3 part harmonies and some great ’60s style, they did not disappoint! Back then they were a 3 piece mainly acoustic act doing lots of covers of ’60s tunes, fast forward 3 years (at the ripe old age of 18?!?!?) and they added keys and drums and did a full Dylan and went electric.

The two tracks I have put up on here I think summarise the band perfectly, one upbeat tune with tons of angst and one sweet slow waltz! I did what I could to bring some vintage vibes to the track, most notably recording the vocals for ‘Lonely Hearts Waltz’ fully old school – all around one microphone, it took lots of playing around getting the distances and singing volumes in balance but it was so worth it!

Have a listen a don’t be afraid to leave some comments!

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