Portfolio: Kaftans – Interstellar Trip (Full Production)

This project came about through Grisha Grebennikov of the Liverpool band DUSST, he came to me with a demo and we thought we could definitely make it into something great!

Grisha and I know each other through the Leeds music scene – particularly the ’60s & ’70s scene, so its no surprise that what we came out with is a slightly fuzzy and trippy track! The thing I really loved doing with this track was the vocal double tracking – we used one Neumann U87 (so far so boring) and one microphone that was made out of the microphone section of an old telephone, giving it a boxy and super driven sound!

Have a listen and let me know what you think!


Portfolio: Lewis & Clarke – The Silver Sea (Mix)

With this mix my aim was to keep compression to a minimum and give the track a sense of depth – it was crying out for lots of reverb!

The whole vibe of this track is just great and I love having some real strings to work with, not something I see every day. It also helps that they were recorded incredibly well, thank you again Weathervane you never fail to impress! the way I tried to approach the strings was to try to treat them as one entity, rather than each individual. I split them into mids/highs and low string sections to stop it going all muddy and just used some gentle EQ and compression to give them some glue but still let them breath.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Portfolio: The Districts – Vermont (Mix)

August has been a month of mixing! Getting used to my new setup and trying out the Slate Everything Bundle. I’d heard/read a million positive reviews of the Slate bundle and just had to try it, and my god, I’m super impressed!

For $15US a month you get access to everything, all their compressors/EQs/Preamps – great for anyone who doesn’t have $3k+ spare to drop on plugins. The selling point of their plugins are that they are modelled on classic analogue and solid state hardware of studios past, I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to digital emulating analogue as I find they often fall in to the category of ‘pastiche’ and add way too much colour to try and make you forget you’re on a computer. I’ve found with these plugins its all much more subtle and usable.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Portfolio: Hop Along – Sister Cities

This is my mix of Hop Along’s song ‘Sister Cities’, my aim for the mix was to keep it sounding open and vocal led. The guitars are hard panned for that classic rock & roll vibe, with drums opening and closing in stereo field throughout the track to highlight the chorus section.

I am using a multitrack from the amazing Weathervane Music – if you are a music producer and haven’t tried them then I strongly suggest you do! They give you a full run down of the session, and really high quality audio.



Portfolio: The Velveteens (Full Production)

I first became aware of The Velveteens years ago, within a few months of me getting to Leeds I was dragged along to see them with the promise of 3 part harmonies and some great ’60s style, they did not disappoint! Back then they were a 3 piece mainly acoustic act doing lots of covers of ’60s tunes, fast forward 3 years (at the ripe old age of 18?!?!?) and they added keys and drums and did a full Dylan and went electric.

The two tracks I have put up on here I think summarise the band perfectly, one upbeat tune with tons of angst and one sweet slow waltz! I did what I could to bring some vintage vibes to the track, most notably recording the vocals for ‘Lonely Hearts Waltz’ fully old school – all around one microphone, it took lots of playing around getting the distances and singing volumes in balance but it was so worth it!

Have a listen a don’t be afraid to leave some comments!

Portfolio: Helado Negro – Mitad Del Mundo (Mix)


This is another multitrack that I got from Weathervane, this time its an electronic track! Electronic music is generally not something I work with a lot, so I took this on as a challenge for myself to test my skills outside of my comfort zone. I’m pretty happy with this mix, I think its got heaps of space and lots of creative flair. The video session they did for Weathervane showed them to be really out there and open to anything sonically – so I used this as an excuse for some ‘creative license’. Lots of automation throughout with panning, volume and delays and a psychedelic outro (I received feedback saying the recorded outro dragged on a little so I spiced it up a little!)

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Portfolio: Queen Of Spades (Full Production)

The brief for this song was ‘Tarantino Tex-Mex’ so we went for surf style twangy stratocasters and atmospheric vocal ambience – aiming to give a cinematic feel to the production. I’m super happy with the vocal sound in this too – I used an Advanced Audio CM47 tube microphone (I LOVE THESE THINGS) going straight into a tube Drawmer Preamp and the colour it gave it was just so cool!

Have a listen and let me know if I hit the brief!